Myron Silberstein’s teaching career is a development of his own training as a pianist, which first brought him to prominence upon his winning of the 1991 Giornate Musicali International Piano Competition. Trained according to principles developed by Theodor Leschetizky, the preeminent piano pedagogue of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, Mr. Silberstein brings a wealth of knowledge about effective piano technique to his innate musical and pedagogical sensitivity.

A core component of Mr. Silberstein’s approach to teaching is his imparting to each student of a solid understanding of the principles of piano technique. This allows even beginning students to be fundamentally autonomous in their musical development. While providing direct guidance to and supervision of each student’s progress, Mr. Silberstein also provides the student with the tools to advance his or her own mastery of the piano.

Myron Silberstein’s students have participated in national and international music festivals and in public recitals in university and concert-hall settings.


Contact:   myron (at)     (773) 331.4947