Adult students require a different type of teaching than children. They have a different set of strengths and a different set of frustrations. I have over fifteen years of experience working closely with adult students to help them optimize their success at studying the piano.

Unlike many children, adult students’ interest in the piano is self-directed and self-perpetuating. An adult student is almost always eager to improve his or her skills as a pianist. This strength, though, brings with it two frustrations: 1.) The desire to improve one’s piano playing does not necessarily translate into an enthusiasm for finger exercises or for methodical practice of piano music. 2.) The eagerness with which adults often approach piano lessons is often highly goal-oriented, and it can be difficult for adults to recognize the step-by-step progress toward improved skills as genuine progress. It can be embarrassing to discover that your hands do not coordinate themselves as easily as your mind wills them to.

When teaching adults, I use the superior adult capacity to process complex and abstract information to the student’s advantage. I supplement the building of the student’s physical technique with a comprehensive theoretical understanding of the structure of music. By the time my adult students are able to play with facility and authority, they have a well-developed sense of musicianship. The result is that adult students who work with me become skilled, sophisticated, and confident pianists.


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