Myron Silberstein’s initial training as a composer was supervised by Eric Moe at the University of Pittsburgh. Subsequent major teachers have included Mathew Rosenblum, Anne LeBaron, and Marta Ptaszynska of the University of Chicago. Recent performances of his works have been given by Patricia Morehead, Ensemble Controverse, and the University of Chicago’s New Music Ensemble. Recent commissions include the Foresight Design Studio, for which he wrote the Chicago Green Drinks Theme Music.

Mr. Silberstein’s activities as a composer are closely related to his passion for performance. His aim in composing is to create intensely personal expressions that demand technical and interpretive virtuosity from the performer and that present the listener with rich, colorful, and intimate sounds. His work is characterized by operatic melodies, driving rhythms, and thick harmonies, often developed within traditional musical forms.



Contact:   myron (at)     (773) 331.4947