All classes are offered in ten weekly hour-long sessions and require a minimum enrollment of four students. Enrollment fee for each class is $150. Under special circumstances, students may join a class after the term has begun and will be charged a pro-rated fee.

Preparation for Performance
The most effective way to overcome performance anxiety is to perform frequently. This class provides students a forum in which to perform pieces for each other. Students are welcome to try out pieces in the early stages of preparation as well as pieces that are ready for public performance. Students will receive feedback from each other and from the instructor regarding their musicianship and stage presence. The instructor will lead simulations of a variety of performance environments as needed.

Music Theory
The performance of music is greatly enhanced by the understanding of the harmonic structure of music. This class guides students through the building blocks of the musical language developed by classical composers of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Students will be assigned music-writing and analytic exercises designed to help them gain mastery over the fundamental concepts of music.

Ear Training
The development of the ear’s ability to recognize pitch relations and rhythmic patterns is crucial to any performer. Students in this class will develop their ability to notate melodies and rhythms, to identify melodic intervals, harmonic intervals, and chords, and to sing melodies at first sight.

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