"What I love about Myron is how he uses his skills as a composer to shed new light onto the music we partner on. His knowledge of the inner workings of music really allows him to get below the surface of whatever we're working on, and helps me gain new insight into my interpretation of the song or aria in question. This trait, along with his technical skills and impressive knowledge of obscure repertoire, always has me looking forward to our next collaboration!" — Brad Jungwirth, VOX3

"Thank you for filling in so masterfully as our musical director during so many of our July performances. Accompanying a live show on stage — especially one in which there is only the piano and two actors — is not an easy feat, and you were more than up to the challenge. I hope that we're able to work together on another show very soon!" — John Pinckard, producer, Gutenberg! The Musical!

"Myron Silberstein was the music supervisor for You Took Away My Flag: a Musical About Kosovo, which I wrote and produced. The musical performed four sold-out performances in June, 2009, at Strawdog Theatre in Chicago. Its success was due in no small measure to Mr. Silberstein's extraordinary creativity, professionalism, and personal qualities. He was a patient teacher for a cast that included few professional singers. He effectively encouraged everyone, from me to the least prominent member of the cast, to the pit-orchestra musicians, always radiating an infectuous cheerfulness. He was a thoroughgoing professional, with an instinct for excellence and an inoffensive way of identifying shortcomings. Unlike many artists with similarly high levels of talent, he is no primadonna. He wears his talent confidently, but consistently and energetically encourages others to discover their own. He is a delight to work with." — Henry H. Perritt, Jr., Playwright and Producer, You Took Away My Flag,

"It was a delight to collabrate with Myron on a recent VOX3 vocal recital. He offered some wonderful musical insights on my Schumann pieces during the rehearsal process. He is a sensitive artist as well as a joy to work with!" — Elizabeth Abowd, VOX3

"Competent? Helpful? Professional? These words don't even begin to describe the talent and dedication of Myron Silberstein!" — John Breen, artistic director, Nuns on the Run Productions

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